MSB Arts & Creatives shocased their exquisite and intricate hand painted Madhubani art shows Radha playing with peacocks in Jharokha (Window) when she was feeling bored. She was fond of pets like cows, Parrots, monkey and Cakori bird and beautiful creativity of nature.

This Black& White painting created with signature pattern filled with double lines. This type of lines used in this painting in local language also called ’Kachani Work’.

This intricate and Celestial Floral work done on Handmade paper with water color, You can gift to someone or this is ideal for your Living Room.

The border is essential in Madhubani painting. It gives a complete look to the painting. You can use any repeated pattern of curves to form a border. Here, I have used lotus motifs in all four corners and in the center. I have then completed the border with repeated flowing curve patterns.

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